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Southern Fields Brewing

From Grain to Greatness: How MonsterHouse Marketing Accelerated Southern Fields Brewing's Success

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This case study showcases the partnership between Monsterhouse Marketing, a renowned marketing agency, and Southern Fields Brewing, a brewery located in Campbellton, Florida. In the summer of 2019, Monsterhouse Marketing was entrusted with creating Southern Fields Brewing’s brand identity, website development, creating and managing social media accounts, executing social media advertising campaigns, implementing Google CPC campaigns, Google My Business setup, SEO, providing graphic design and photography services, and conducting email marketing campaigns. Through collaborative efforts, Monsterhouse Marketing played a pivotal role in helping Southern Fields Brewing achieve remarkable success, gaining a substantial online following, and expanding to multiple locations in Florida and Alabama.


Background: Southern Fields Brewing, founded in 2019, is a craft brewery that prides itself on producing high-quality beers using locally sourced ingredients. With a commitment to brewing excellence and fostering a vibrant community, Southern Fields Brewing aimed to establish itself as a beloved destination for beer enthusiasts in Campbellton, Florida.

Challenges Faced: When Southern Fields Brewing approached Monsterhouse Marketing, they encountered several challenges: 

a) Establishing a Brand Presence: Being a new entrant in a competitive market, Southern Fields Brewing needed to establish brand awareness and differentiate itself from other breweries in the region. 
b) Growing Social Media Following: Southern Fields Brewing sought to build an engaged online community by expanding its Facebook and Instagram following. 
c) Expanding to New Locations: The owners had aspirations of opening additional breweries in Florida and Alabama, requiring a strong marketing foundation to support their expansion plans.
d) Opening and navigating during the COVID19 pandemic

Strategy and Execution: Monsterhouse Marketing devised a comprehensive marketing strategy for Southern Fields Brewing, incorporating various digital marketing channels. The key initiatives undertaken were as follows:

a) Branding and Website Development: Monsterhouse Marketing collaborated with Southern Fields Brewing to create a distinct brand identity that reflected the brewery’s values and personality. They designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcased the brewery’s products, events, and story.
b) Social Media Management and Advertising: Monsterhouse Marketing established and managed Southern Fields Brewing’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. They consistently shared engaging content, including product highlights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and community-focused posts, to captivate and grow the brewery’s online following. Additionally, targeted social media advertising campaigns were implemented to reach a wider audience and drive foot traffic to the brewery.
c) Google CPC Campaigns: Monsterhouse Marketing leveraged Google CPC campaigns to increase Southern Fields Brewing’s online visibility and drive traffic to their website. Carefully crafted ads, relevant keywords, and optimized landing pages were utilized to generate quality leads and conversions.
d) Graphic Design and Photography: Monsterhouse Marketing provided professional graphic design services to create visually compelling branding materials, including logos, packaging designs, and promotional materials. They also conducted on-site photography sessions to capture captivating visuals of the brewery’s ambiance, products, and events.
e) Email Marketing Campaigns: Monsterhouse Marketing developed targeted email marketing campaigns to engage with Southern Fields Brewing’s customer base. These campaigns included newsletters, exclusive promotions, event invitations, and personalized recommendations to foster customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Results and Achievements: The collaborative efforts between Monsterhouse Marketing and Southern Fields Brewing led to outstanding outcomes:

a) Expanded Social Media Following: Southern Fields Brewing’s Facebook page gained 10,000 followers, while their Instagram account amassed 3,000 followers. These growing online communities became a loyal and engaged audience, promoting the brewery’s brand and fostering organic word-of-mouth marketing.
b) Brand Recognition and Community Staple: Through the implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy, Southern Fields Brewing became a beloved staple in the Florida community. The brewery gained recognition for its exceptional beers, community involvement, and commitment to local sourcing.
c) Expansion to Multiple Locations: With the strong foundation laid by Monsterhouse Marketing, Southern Fields Brewing successfully opened four additional breweries in Florida and Alabama. The marketing efforts played a significant role in attracting customers and establishing the brand’s presence in new markets.

Conclusion: Monsterhouse Marketing’s partnership with Southern Fields Brewing has been instrumental in driving the brewery’s growth and success. Through effective branding, website development, social media management, advertising, graphic design, photography, and email marketing campaigns, Southern Fields Brewing achieved substantial online following, expanded to multiple locations, and established itself as a beloved brewery in the Florida community.