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Monark ABA

Expanding Success: MonsterHouse Marketing's Impact on Monark ABA's Growth

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This case study explores the partnership between MonsterHouse Marketing, a reputable marketing agency, and Monark ABA, a newly established Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinic in Ottawa, Ohio. MonsterHouse Marketing was entrusted with creating Monark ABA’s brand identity, developing its website, managing social media accounts, executing social media advertising campaigns, and implementing Google CPC campaigns. The collaborative efforts of MonsterHouse Marketing and Monark ABA resulted in remarkable growth, including the opening of two additional clinics in Findlay, Ohio, and Van Wert, Ohio. Currently, all clinics are operating at full capacity, with waiting lists for their services.


Background: Monark ABA is an Applied Behavior Analysis clinic that provides specialized services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. Founded in Ottawa, Ohio, Monark ABA aimed to offer personalized, evidence-based interventions to improve the lives of its clients and their families.

Challenges Faced: When Monark ABA approached MonsterHouse Marketing, they faced several challenges: 

a) Limited brand recognition: Monark ABA was a new entrant in the market and lacked awareness among potential clients. 
b) Establishing credibility: Monark ABA needed to establish itself as a trusted and reliable clinic in the field of ABA therapy. 

c) Geographic expansion: The goal was to expand the clinic’s reach by opening new clinics in Findlay and Van Wert, Ohio.

Strategy and Execution: MonsterHouse Marketing developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for Monark ABA, encompassing various digital marketing channels. The following key initiatives were undertaken:

a) Branding and Website Development: MonsterHouse Marketing worked closely with Monark ABA to create a distinctive brand identity, including logo design, color palette, and brand messaging. They developed a user-friendly website that showcased Monark ABA’s services, expertise, and client success stories.
b) Social Media Presence: MonsterHouse Marketing established and managed Monark ABA’s social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Engaging content, informative posts, and client testimonials were regularly shared to increase brand visibility and connect with the target audience.
c) Social Media Advertising: To reach a broader audience, MonsterHouse Marketing crafted targeted social media advertising campaigns. These campaigns promoted Monark ABA’s services, highlighting their expertise and unique approach to ABA therapy. Advertisements were optimized to drive traffic to the website and encourage inquiries.

d) Google CPC Campaigns: MonsterHouse Marketing leveraged Google CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns to drive qualified traffic to Monark ABA’s website. Strategic keyword research, compelling ad copy, and effective landing pages were developed to increase conversions and generate leads.

Results and Achievements: The collaboration between MonsterHouse Marketing and Monark ABA yielded impressive outcomes:

a) Increased Brand Awareness: Through consistent branding efforts and engaging social media content, Monark ABA’s brand awareness significantly improved. The clinic became recognized as a reliable resource for ABA therapy in the Ottawa, Findlay, and Van Wert communities.
b) Geographic Expansion: Monark ABA successfully opened two additional clinics in Findlay and Van Wert, Ohio. The marketing efforts of MonsterHouse Marketing played a crucial role in attracting new clients and expanding the clinic’s reach to serve a larger population.

c) Full Capacity and Waiting Lists: All three Monark ABA clinics are currently operating at full capacity, with high demand for their services. The waiting lists signify the trust and reputation Monark ABA has gained under the guidance of MonsterHouse Marketing.

Conclusion: MonsterHouse Marketing’s partnership with Monark ABA has proven to be a resounding success. By implementing effective branding strategies, website development, social media management, and targeted advertising campaigns, MonsterHouse Marketing played a crucial role in Monark ABA’s expansion. With their clinics at full capacity and waiting lists in place, Monark ABA has firmly established itself as a trusted leader in the field, thanks to the strategic guidance provided by MonsterHouse Marketing.